ECODOCAP lobe combination machine

Technical features:

ECODOCAP lobe combination machine
Unpacking table description

  • gear motor driven 1000 mmm diameter table
  • automatic delivery of the jars at the dosage station
Automatic dosing description

  • Possibility of dosage adjustment from 0 to 40 strokes/minute depending on the size and nature of the product
  • Dosing equipment : EHEDG lobes
  • Dosing capacity : from 10 g to 5 kg
  • Rotating lobe system (stainless-steel 316L) controlled by a motor entirely dismantable by hand with a 50 litre conical hopper with mixer
  •  Ø 25 mm / 80 mm long paste cutter
  • Dosing adjustment during motion
  • Touchscreen
  • Stainless-steel nozzle filling device (paste-cutter) on an alternztive motion mobile slide. Dosing from underneath (up and down motion)
  • Product temperature : from 5 to 110°C
Capping station description
  • Twist-off capping machine with automatic cap loading (50 cap autonomy)
  • Positioning of the jar under the capping head and automatic ejection
Mobile head description
  • Jar height adjustment with automatic cap loading (50 cap autonomy)
  • Steam distribution by commutable ring depending on the size
  • Magnetic support of the cap
  • F.R.L. adjustable screwing torque
  • Automatic screwing

Available options:

  • heating hopper        - 2,9 Kw or 6 Kw steam generator
  • automatic cap loading